Healthy Fundraising Ideas: Host a Scavenger Hunt Instead of Selling Sweets

Posted by Bag The Junk on July 25, 2013

Thinking of doing a school fundraiser? It’s time to think “outside the box” of cupcakes, cookies and candy for your typical school bake sale. We compiled some fun ways you can raise money, build community and foster a healthy school environment for students.

Kate Uslan from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation recently shared some great examples of how schools across the country are bagging the bake sale: 

  • Have students get sponsored to participate in weekly challenges like “TV Free Week” and “No Fast Food Week”
  • Encourage students to send their Valentine’s Day crushes “cutie” oranges instead of chocolate on the special day
  • Host a “fun run” and have students ask for donations per lap
  • Sell garden starter plants. Kids can learn how to grow their own fruits and veggies while raising money for their school!

We also loved this Yahoo! News article, “What can schools sell instead of candy? Trash bags” which highlighted some creative fundraising efforts: 

  • Have students sell practical household items like sheets and garbage bags
  • Allow parents to write checks for tax-deductible donations
  • Sell school merchandise like mugs and t-shirts featuring kids’ art work
  • Host a scavenger hunt for the community

Have you seen any other awesome examples of healthy school fundraising? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter


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