October 18, 2011
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Bully Free: It Starts With Me

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The 3.2 million members of the National Education Association (NEA) believe that every child deserves a great public school. That includes one that is safe and bully free. At bNetS@vvy we are proud to join the NEA in Bully Free: It Starts With Me, NEA challenges all of us to take the pledge and take a stand against bullying. As adults, we can make a world of difference in a child's life. The initiative offers many helpful resources to everyone, including those who bully. Just check out the tip sheets and stories here.


"The primary purpose of this initiative is to connect the bullied student with a caring adult -- one on one. But it is our profoundest hope that the caring adults who have volunteered for Bully Free: It Starts With Me will also become part of a larger effort to bully-proof our schools. We encourage these caring adults to speak up for the bullied students and advocate for measures that will stop bullying in the school."

-National Education Association Human and Civil Rights Department

The advancement of technology creates special challenges with Internet safety. At bNetS@vvy, we focus on those challenges while helping to create bully free schools and communities. "Technology has provided our children many opportunities for advancement," said Debby Ballard, director of Community Affairs for Sprint (funder of bNetS@vvy). "But new technologies have brought with them new challenges, such as cyberbullying. For the past four years, Sprint has partnered with organizations like the National Education Association's Health Information Network to offer 4NetSafety, which works to keep children safer online. In particular, the program's bNetS@vvy resources offer educators free tools they can use to share this information with their students in meaningful, age-appropriate ways."


As the campaign continues, bNetS@vvy will continue to offer you the best resources available and we urge you to take a stand and pledge to create bully-free and safe school environments across the country! How will you make a difference?



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