March 2, 2012

How should schools deal with cyberbullying?

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cyberbully messge on computer

Cyberbullying has been a huge issue in schools for quite some time now but the issue of how to handle the parties involved is still unresolved.  Most schools feel incidents that occur outside of school should not be dealt with through the school.  There are some school administrators that will enforce penalties if the incident is somehow disruptive to the learning environment but often that’s not a sufficient for parents or victims.  Read the recent Washington Post article and tell us what you think about how far schools should step with cyberbullying occurs off of school property.


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Posted by Anonymous at: 08:58 PM, August 1, 2014
How can I get permission to use your photo for a brochure against cyber bullying
Posted by Anonymous at: 03:11 AM, June 26, 2014
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Posted by Anonymous at: 05:41 PM, July 25, 2012
I really think Cyberbullying should stop
Posted by Anonymous at: 08:50 PM, March 15, 2012
My opinion the schools should get involved,so if someone's treated or something they should be suspend or maybe even exspeld

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