October 13, 2011

Reasons To Use Facebook In the Classroom

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From an educator’s viewpoint, Facebook can be a very touchy topic.

Its seems as if many educators have a love/hate relationship for Facebook. It’s a great social networking tool on a personal level. Facebook helps maintain lost friendships, encourages connections with distant relatives and allows us to share important updates with those we don’t see often. But does it have a place in the classroom?

Many school administrators find that social networking has no place in the classroom but that couldn’t be father from the truth.

Facebook, and the Internet, can offer many useful learning tools. For example, here is a list of 50 reasons to use Facebook in the classroom.

Read more about how Facebook can be a great learning tool. It’s inevitable, social media and the Internet will have a major impact on institutional learning in the future, why not be ahead of the curve instead of behind it!


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