October 18, 2011

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We are always interested in hearing your story.  Tell us your views on Internet safety topics and what your interests are.  Share your ideas and what works in your home, classroom or community.


I have a 14 year old daughter and she’s new at her school this year.  She’s made one or two friends but not very many.  I noticed that she was spending a lot of time in her room but I didn’t think much of it.  I discovered that she’s been chatting online with a guy who turns out to be 28 years old!  I freaked out and wanted to ground her but I talked to her about the situation and let her know how dangerous that can be.  She basically told me that she didn’t have many friends where we live now and he was really nice to her and how much she liked him. 

I realized that talking to her was much better than disciplining her.  I was able to understand more of what she was going through.  I’ve been trying to get her involved in more activities in hopes that she makes more friends her age.  I thought some other parent could benefit from this.



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