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Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives 2011 (MyPyramid)


The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives program was developed as a resource for educators to help support your ongoing efforts to teach students about being healthy. Parents, after-school programs, and caregivers can also use the materials in the program.  The material on this page is from the 2011 Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives and is linked to MyPyramid.  If you are looking for the 2012 version that uses MyPlate please click here.

Designed for grades K-3 and divided into three categories: THINK, EAT, and MOVE Healthy, the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives® instructional activities provide step-by-step directions to carry out these easy-to-use lessons in your classroom.

Link to materials:

THINK Healthy

Lessons about understanding what being healthy means and setting meaningful and reachable goals about nutrition and physical activity.

EAT Healthy

Lessons about how to eat healthy by incorporating three factors into our daily meals: Variety, Balance, and Moderation.

MOVE Healthy

Lessons about helping students understand the importance of accumulating at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Teacher Planning Resources

The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives activities are tied to National Curriculum Standards in all academic areas. Download this section to read the Nutrition and Physical Activity Backgrounder and to access National Standards Tie-In Charts for grades K-3.

Tools for Parent Communication

Send the Healthy Family Connections home to parents to help communicate what students are learning about being healthy.

Additional Teaching Materials

Use the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Food and Activity Cards to teach your students about making healthy choices.

To learn more, visit the Nestlé Family Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Web Page.