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NEA HIN in Action

"Without the early and sustained leadership of the NEA and its Health Information Network, the impact of HIV/AIDS on young people across our nation would have been far worse than we have witnessed."

Lloyd J. Kolbe, PhD. Associate Dean for Global and Community Health, Professor of Applied Health Science Indiana University

NEA HIN is dedicated to improving the health and safety of the school community. Since our founding in 1987, we’ve worked to educate and empower school professionals and positively impact the lives of students.

Hall of Health and Safety
Each year we set up at the RA Expo to meet with you and share more about what we do.

Success Stories
Everyday NEA members are working to make schools healthier places to work and learn. Learn more about how they are making a difference.

Training and Symposiums
NEA HIN provides training for education professionals through NEA meetings, other conferences, and symposiums. Read about current opportunities.

Publications and Resources
Our Educator Resource Library is a clearinghouse for publications and tools to help create healthier schools. Visit our library or see a list of our most recent publications below.

There are hard-working school employees and others in the education community who make a difference every day to create healthier schools. Learn more about our recognition programs.

New Business Items (NBIs)
Every year NEA members gather to set policy and chart the direction of the association at the Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly (RA). Read here about the new policies and activities related to the health and safety of our schools that were adopted at the RA.